LK Advani conspired to dethrone Vajpayee!

LK Advani conspired to dethrone Vajpayee!

Noted Journalist Ullekh NP penned the biography of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The book has been titled as ‘The Untold Vajpayee: Politician and Paradox’ and released on December 25th last year on the even of Vajpayee’s 92nd birthday.Could you believe LK Advani who is believed to be a good friend of Vajpayee conspired to dethrone him and become PM? The Author reveals attempts were made to this effect within days after Advani was sworn-in as Deputy PM. Vajpayee himself shared the details of the conspiracy to a Minister who met him at his residence. When the Minister gave an assurance that there is nothing to worry, Vajpayee informed him that he believes the intelligence reports and began enquiring about the people behind it. Before this issue, There is a proposal to make Vajpayee as President and Advani as Prime Minister.

Other key excerpts from the new Biography…

Vajpayee was born on the same day (December 25th, 1924) Mahatma Gandhi was elected as the Congress President for the first time. He practiced RSS Hindutva politics and firmly opposed Gandhi’s secular stand.

Not many knew, Vajpayee involved himself in politics since 1942 after he was jailed mistakenly following an anti-British protest near his ancestral home in Bateshwar.

Everyone accepts the fact that Vajpayee is a great Orator. He have the knack of grabbing people attention instantly with his impressive speeches.

Vajpayee sincerely worked to solve the Kashmir crisis and won the Kargil war. He is the father of the second nuclear age.

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