Rs 340 Crs in 17 Days. What A Movie!

Rs 340 Crs in 17 Days. What A Movie!

Dangal, a thorough blockbuster material, is rewriting all existing box office numbers in India and finally on 17th day from its release, the movie emerged out to be the highest earner among Hindi films.

Having won the likes of both audiences and critics, Dangal outperformed Aamir’s previous blockbuster PK, Salman’s Bhajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan as well to claim the top spot. With Dangal taking rank 1, the following are other highest grossers, 2. PK, 3. Bhajranji Bhaijaan, 4. Sultan and 5. Dhoom-3.

Dangal, which minted 300 Crore on its 13th day, achieved an incredible record in Bollywood as it breached the record of top grosser PK (330.96cr) on 17th day (Sunday) with 340.8Cr, according to BO analyst Taran Adarsh. Reportedly, Dangal is Aamir Khan’s third movie to list in top five Bollywood grossers.

The big-budget biopic of Phogat sisters have come out at the right time and is still having serious legs at the box-office. While Dangal does have the capability of sending you out of a theater with great feel and brilliant performances of the cast, it also has the strength to pass a strong message for all girls out there.

The film was also awarded tax exemption in many states of the country. When it comes to overseas, it has pocketed $25.58 million (174.30 Crore) in USA, Canada and Australia.

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